Application Process
 Step 1
We diamond grind all our floors for 100% perfect mechanical adhesion. Your concrete floor must be properly prepared in order to open up the pores so the epoxy can adhere properly. 95% of our floors are mechanically grinded and on rare occasions we will acid etch the floor if it is in Great Condition. All control joints are filled with a epoxy based polymer for cracks that appear in the joints prior to application and all other visible fractures in the floor are also filled at that time.
Epoxy It. We grind all of our floors to 100% perfection
 Step 2
 Prime Coat
Your floor gets coated with a primer called DPF PrimeEasy. It is a proprietary blend of water soluble polymers designed for use as a high adhesive primer for conventional concrete. For floors that have extreme levels of Efflorescence (water salt issues) we use the best product on the market called Vapor Solve that will provide superior adhesion over concrete with levels of Moisture Vapor Emissions. Vapor Solve Primer is an upgradable charge for you floor, meaning you will be charged per square foot for it's application

Vapor Solve Primer
 Step 3
 Epoxy or Poly / Granitex Chips
This is when the pigmented polyurethane or epoxy is applied. If you have chosen a Granite Chip System in either 1/4" or 5/8" this is when we will apply the chips.
Garage Epoxy
Throw that flake! Arizona Polymer style
This is what the flake looks like when is being laid down. Garage floor epoxy
 Step 4
 Scrape / Apply Cem-Seal
Your new floor will be scraped with a metal scraper to clean the loose chips off the floor and at that point either vacuumed or blown out to free all chips from floor. With any size chip you choose we apply a product called Cem-Seal. Cem-Seal is a water based UV Stable product that flattens / smooth's the chips out because Acrylic chips react to water and will not react to solvents.
Epoxy It
Garage floor epoxy and Cem SEal
 Step 5
 UVR Top Coat
This is the final process! We apply a 100% UVR Stable Resin Based 2-part Aliphatic Polyurethane that will leave your floor gleaming for the lifetime of the floor.

Epoxy It...Setting the Standard for Decorative Concrete in the Coachella Valley